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Non-Classic Negroni

What you'll need -
- 30ml Aqua Vitae Modern Gin
- 30ml Applewood Okar
- 20ml Maidenni Sweet vermouth - 10ml Amante Spiritus
- Mandarin peel - pith removed

How -
- Add all of the spirits into a mixing glass

- Fill the glass to the brim with ice and start gently stirring with a chopstick for precisely 17 seconds - Double strain into a short glass then add fresh ice
- Garnish with a twist of fresh mandarin peel



Yuzu and Rose Sour

What you'll need -
- 30ml Fresh lemon juice
- 15ml Yuzu juice
- 20ml Simple Syrup
- 5ml Rose water (to taste)
- 45ml Aqua Vitae Modern Gin - 1 Egg White

How -
- Combine all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and aggressively shake for 1 minute(Dry shake)
- Add ice to the shaker and shake for another 30 seconds (Wet shake)
- Swiftly and gently double strain into a coupe glass then garnish with a few rose petals.

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